Doodling in 3 Dimensions

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By Donald JacquesDoodler2.jpg

Technology is a wonderful thing! I have admired over the years the inspiring creations of those with artistic and/or crafty talents. First, it was small hand tools that afforded greater control of the artisan, from the hammer and chisel, to discrete wood carving tools, and the simple knitting needles, that were expanded on to create sewing machines.

Over the years we have seen glues that allow hemming of garments to be done is less time; we've seen tubes of colored paste-like material for drawing on cloth rather than the painfully slow stitching it used to take. Today, we have silkscreen and iron-ons that afford even the most creatively-challenged individuals to show off creations that ooh, and awe their friends. But three-dimensional works were reserved for sculptors. But no more!

The range of creations these new innovations afford has been, so far, somewhat limited to two-dimensions. Now comes the 3Doodler! A pen that allows you to create in three-dimensions. No longer are we limited to the flat canvas for our thoughts! We are freed from the limits of the length and width boundaries of personal creativity.

The 3Doodler is a pen like device ( that offers the operator the opportunity to doodle in three-dimensions! Let your imagination rise off the desktop and into the hands of those you would share it with!

Ahem. Yeah ... right. I hate hype, but I gotta say, that as a product, the 3Doodler offers a lot of promise. The photos on their Kickstarter page show just a few of the possibilities that someone with a little patience, and "digital-dexterity" can come up with. The 3Doodler is an interesting idea, and using the basis of 3D printing tech, appears to deliver a potentially fun new way for creating.

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