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Movie reviewed by Michael Fett

So, I just left the theater after watching The Fantastic Four. My friends were pissed because Johnny Storm was now black which throws off comic book continuity. There were liberties taken which could be seen just by watching the previews. I, however, was excited by the previews.

I would say the problematic reviews for this film are simply because this film was not made for critics; just like the Transformers films. This film was made with a young college to high school audience in mind, so this is a type of film that critics just love to hate. 

The film is essentially a remake of Real Genius with superheroes in it.

Overall simple, fun, and straight forward to watch. What I liked about this film was the lack of long drawn out character developments that extend the movie to over two and half hours, like the first Fantastic Four movie was years ago. 

The big fight sequence needed a little more time with Dr. Doom since he came and went in the film way too fast.

The only other problem with this film is - did they have to show The Thing's big rock hard orange balls in this film. 

This film is the best Fantastic Four film ever made and beats the first Avengers in my book.

Will I buy the film when it comes out? Sure
Would I see a sequel? Yes


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