Phantom Boy Movie Review

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Movie Reviewed by Michael Fett

Phantom Boy was the third film I saw today. The producers of A Cat in Paris are back with this lovely old school style animated film with a classic film noir style film that takes place in New York City.

Leo a child dying from cancer has discovered that maybe from his near death experience that his spirit can leave his body while he is asleep. The only catch is if his spirit does not return by the time the spirit completely disappears he may die or stay in a coma. Leo has dreams of becoming a real life police detective.

In comes Alex the police officer. Alex gets the job done, but not without costing the police department thousands of dollars from exploding buildings to totaled cars. Alex gets reassigned to the docks to where the captain can make sure Alex stays out of trouble. Only thing is trouble seems to follow Alex and after Alex sees a mysterious man known as The Man With The Broken Face, Alex is left for dead.

What is clear to Alex he has just ran into the man holding New York City hostage, but unfortunately given his injuries no one in his department will believe him. Alex discovers Leo's secret and the two team up with each other and an investigative reporter to take The Man With The Broken Face on head on.

Slick animation, mixed with a Melville feel, and an overall great story made this film shine. I actually wanted to return to the theater and watch the film again that same day. What this film proves to be is that a film at 84 minutes can be more effective than a 2.5 hour mega budget film.

10/10 this animated film is a must see film for everyone.

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