Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

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What Guardians of the Galaxy (the movie) is and is not.

Reviewed by C. A. Wilke

First and foremost, again, this is NOT a review. There are plenty of those out there, use Google and find one. This is about what the movie is at its core, what it is not and what it could become.

Don’t get me wrong… It is a fantastic movie. Tons and tons of action. With fleshed out characters, some more than others, there is a level of believability to this film that lots of action movies don’t have. This is something that Marvel has shown that it can do very well. But this is not a review.

What GOTG is…

It is a comedy. It’s hugely fun. It is not quite slapstick, but it makes its money on the laughs. That is one of the big things that makes it different from other Marvel flicks. Sure, they have their funny moments… a la Tony Stark’s humor, Hulk’s smashing, Cap’s naivete and Loki’s hijinks. But those are comedic moments in more serious action flicks. THIS is a comedy with lots of explosions and guns.

I think that because it’s a comic book movie and that is tied in with the rest of the Marvel film universe that THAT makes it more approachable to people who would not otherwise go see a romping space flick like Star Trek or Star Wars.

What GOTG is NOT…


I need his leg... No, really. I need it.

Speaking of Star Wars. I have heard this from friends and read it online… and I’m here to say no. Guardians of the Galaxy is NOT, absolutely not the next Star Wars.

Why? The biggest reason is because Star Wars is the next Star Wars. Call me overly optimistic here, but with Disney controlling the Star Wars universe, I think they are gonna put the Marvel treatment to it and make it a glorious, huge and beyond epic space opera universe on the big screen. Maybe even on the little screen. Hell, who would have EVER thought that they would have a series of movies and TV shows running that are intimately connected?

Back to the point, though. GOTG is not Star Wars. The other reason is because while the adventures the characters go through maybe epic, it is not the Deathstar and Darth Vader kind of epic. GOTG is a comedy with lots of action. It is not a grand space opera. Keep them separate and don’t cross the streams.

I mean, seriously, George Lucas tried to make Star Wars more comedic with Episode 1, and see how that turned out?

What GOTG could be…


I am Groot. :D

This is the million, or even billion dollar question. At it’s core, GOTG is still a Marvel movie. You could even argue that it is THE Marvel move… the linchpin that brings them all together. Yes, the Avengers brought the characters together into one place, but GOTG brought the stories together, even before the characters are aware of it. I think this leads to an interesting dynamic.

The safe move for Marvel, going forward, is to do two or three GOTG movies and be done. Maybe even bring them into the Avengers fold somehow, at least in a small part. I think that’s what everyone expects. But that is the safe move.

But what if… Now, stay with me for a moment… What if… and this is a big if, Marvel took the hugely risky route? What if they made GOTG the central point in a larger series of intergalactic Marvel stories. This way, the Avengers act as the focal point for the Earth-based heroes and GOTG is the focal point for the space-based heroes.

What would that look like, huh? In my mind? Pure awesomeness. The comics already do this to some extent. In the comics, Avengers, Xmen, etc… all have their own story lines, but sometimes cross over when the issue is big enough. Disney/Marvel could could do that with the films.



They could take the riskier move and push GOTG into a larger interplanetary series of films with the GOTG at the core with spinoffs like Nova, Adam Warlock (already hinted), Starjammers (connected to the X-men so controlled by Fox at the moment), Captain Marvel (male and female versions), etc. Personally, I would love this. I thought the movie was fantastic. I think they could pull it off, in glorious style.

But what Marvel has planned, who the hell knows. The execs are certainly no strangers to changing their plans or waiting to see how things go before deciding what comes next. What they are also no stranger to doing is taking the risky move and being bold. That is exactly what GOTG is in the first place. As well as the heavily rumored/working on project for the Inhumans movie. They have shown that they have no compunction about taking all their assets: writing talent, production talent and acting talent, and leveraging all of that into one big bet of a blockbuster. (And it paying off, I might add.)

Oh, and by the way… If you haven’t seen GOTG yet? You need to go now. No, not later, after work or after you pick up the kids. Screw them. Go see it now. NOW!

Just kidding. Pick up the kids. They’ll have a blast too. But, do it now.




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