Dukes of Hazzard a Haz-Been

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by Michael Fett

I've seen all this love lately for a show that three weeks ago was only favored by a few fans. The show I am talking about is of course is the Dukes of Hazzard.

Sure this show was a part of a lot people's childhoods including mine, but I am not going to stick my head out there to defend it and call the show a victim of political correctness. To be honest the show was terrible, but came at a time when hardly any real car chases were around in film and television. This show was essentially your only fix for that type of action with cool cars, but the stories were terrible. So essentially, the show falls underneath a category of terrible, but visually pleasing to watch; kind of the same as a Zack Snyder film does.


Let's be honest to each other. What did this TV series teach us kids. It's cool to run from the law in high speed chases, break the law, and an acceptable job for an American is to be a drug or alcohol pusher. Bo and Luke were really great role models for me growing up.

If you want great role models from that period, then watch CHiPs. There were decent story lines, good action, and characters you would want to be. California was getting ready to cancel its motorcycle division until that show came out and made it cool to be an officer on a motorcycle. Or another show which had good role models was the A-Team, where Mr. T became the public spokesperson for kids not to do drugs during the 80's.

With all that being said, I have to say the remake of the Dukes of Hazzard with Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville is so much better than the TV series. You shouldn't have to worry too much longer. Your viewer complaints and buying movies out like on Amazon should warrant enough support to get you a remake on the CW.

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