Captain Fantastic Movie Review

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Movie Reviewed by Michael Fett

Captain Fantastic is a film that came to my attention a few months back through a theatrical trailer that was breathtaking. I wanted to see the film after seeing that trailer.

Sometimes trailers adequately reflect the film you are going to see and sometimes trailers can be very misleading. In the case of Captain Fantastic the trailer was quite misleading.

Walking into the film I thought I was going to see a short love story between a husband and wife in which the wife was suffering from an illness throughout the first part of the film only to die. The life the two lovebirds led was a very controversial one in which the family disapproved of their traveling the world and teaching their kids through home school and real experiences in the wild. A lifestyle now that the mother is dead that her father can sue for guardianship of his daughter's children in court hoping to prove that the children's real dad would lose based on the injuries on the children and lack of understanding the real world.

What I walked into was a film in which Mortensen is training his children to be the next John Rambo only to find out his wife died under strange circumstances in the hospital. Langella, the father of the dead girl is furious and blames Mortensen, refusing to allow him to see his wife's funeral. After constant pleas from his children Mortensen decides to stick it to the man and go to the funeral with his children. Mortensen goes on a cross country with his children to arrive at the funeral just in time, only to be thrown out. Each child is taking the death in different ways and make controversial decisions. What is clear is the family on both sides thinks Mortensen is controversial so is pushing Mortensen to give up his children. A rash decision on Mortensen's part makes him decide to leave his children, as well as him soul searching as to what their future should be. Does Mortensen believe he is a fit parent or does he come to the realization he is an unfit parent.


I actually left this film very happy and yet slightly disappointed because I thought certain things were going to happen in this film. That being said we have an early contender for best picture with this film. The questions are raised here on what makes a fit parent, whose education is better, and what experiences are more important to live.

I'm making two predictions for the Oscar nominations already Viggo Mortensen for Best Actor and Frank Langella for Best Supporting Actor.

This film has it all -- action, drama, and comedy. And includes all the current social questions regarding parenthood. 

The film gets a solid 9/10, losing a point for taking comedy too far at times and with over emphasizing the kids who are unfamiliar with common stuff like you and I.

On a side note there is brief nudity in this film and yes that includes a scene in which you actually see Viggo Mortensen's penis in it's full glory. So if you have kids, I warned you. if you have a crush on Viggo then you know you can see his crown jewels, or if you are opposed to nudity in film then now you know.

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