Absolutely Fabulous Movie Review

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Absolutely Fabulous The Movie

Reviewed by Michael Fett

Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone have finally gotten their own film after years of delays. Edina Monsoon a public relations manager who handles has been talents such as Emma Bunton and Lulu has just came to the realization that she can no longer live life to the fullest unless she can sign some big name talent. In comes Patsy Stone a fashion show event organizer who just finds out Kate Moss no longer has a public relations manager and leaks the info to her BFF Edina. In an attempt to secure Kate Moss Edina accidentally pushes Kate Moss into the water below and no one knows if Kate Moss is alive or dead. Edina Monsoon has quickly become the most famous person in the world, awaiting trial, and receiving thousands of death threats.

Edina and Patsy flee the country in hopes of starting over and striking it rich with a marriage to a sugar daddy.

As a fan of Ab Fab I can honestly say Jennifer Saunders wanted to go big and did go big with this film. Tons of cameos from a lot of the characters and celebrities that made appearances on the show. As well as, alot of other celebrity appearances in the film. Made sure Edina and Patsy were the primary focuses in the film.

What can you expect if you see Ab Fab the Movie. Well a good comparison would be Entourage The Movie from last year. An extended tv episode in which the characters can do more, more lavish sets, and bigger celebrity appearances.

The negatives of the film well the cameos can get out of hand at times. If you are a fan of certain characters in the show then you may be disappointed by lack of screen time or depth.

Here is how I rate the performances of the cast

Jennifer Saunders B+ Has great moments, but is not herself at times.

Joanna Lumley A+ This may be the best material ever written for Patsy Stone and Lumley shines

Jane Horrocks A Nails her lines and material as Bubbles perfectly and a shame she did not get more screentime at times

Julia Sawahla D What can I say Saffy is my favorite character in the show, but in this movie her material is mostly crap and at times the actress does not seem like she really wants to be in the film

Movie is an overall solid movie and what I would expect for Ab Fab getting a solid 7/10 losing a point each for too many cameos, at times feeling like an extended tv episode, and lack of use of some key characters

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