The Journey of a Thousand Miles

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The Journey of a Thousand Miles with Danny Caudle

"The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet."  Lao-tzu

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

 Interviewed by Song River

What was it that lead musician and song writer Danny Caudle to come home to his finance one day and say, “I've just sold everything, we are leaving in a month.” There are many things in life that leave us in a place where we decide to turn left, right, back up or move forward for Danny perhaps it was the passing of his father Danny recalled, “In my last year of college my dad had a stroke and passed. It was his passing that changed me. I had a brother living in Uganda, working in the military embassy. I went to Uganda. It was a huge change in my perspective, as an American... our rights, our money, our material things. When I came back from there I was broke. My mom came and asked me if I wanted to work with her in her business, Home Instead Senior Care in Fresno. I learned so much in that 9-5 setting, but realized that music was needed in the industry, so my step dad suggested I write up a class for the music min and gear it to those who suffer from dementia. I moved over to marketing and started volunteering with many branches and homes developing relationship with each facility. I was an introverted player, until I looked at who I was playing with, and the connection being made. I was insecure about making contact, I needed to get over it. This led me to to be able to take my music to the street level as a musician and I began playing on local street corners.”

We are all self-aware so to speak, however, often we ignore what we know is in our hearts, that message somehow we bury. Why? Who knows. Danny continued, “The trip to Uganda left me feeling disconnected, and then working with others who have dementia or even folks with autism I would connect with when I was playing on street corners, along with my fathers passing kept coming back to me. There is something I was meant to do. Allison, my finance, and I spoke of traveling across the Untied States and even around the world... but we wanted to plan it, save up money, do it in a constructive acceptable norm. Then one day, I dunno... I came home to Allison and said we were leaving in a month, Allison was ready. In a couple of days I had given my 30 day notice to work, Allison was on board to travel with me and begin this new way of connecting with our world, through our music and depending on others we'd meet along the way. A few weeks before we left, we sold our belongings, bought a few necessities for life on the road. (laughs) I remember when I gave my thirty day notice I was walking down the stairs of our apartment and I just started crying.. I was like wow, I am scared! To think we were just going to walk down to the corner and stick our thumbs-out. First stop, was San Diego.”

Danny and Allison formed a unique and dedicated bond. Life is never easy, yet along life on the road depending totally on strangers and relying completely on one another they have grown immeasurably, you can't put a price tag on that. They have had their ups and downs- their highs and lows. I was personally able to meet them through a mutual friend, Devin James (musician, writer, producer out of Oregon), and I must admit meeting Danny and Allison was a turning point, even for me. They shared many of their stories the one evening they stayed in my home, there were moments of tears, joy, laughter, sympathy, and even spirituality. Footprints may come and go, but spiritual connections are the vitality of air... we need them to live.

Danny and Allison have named their journey the, Magical Thinking Tour. It is fitting, as when we come to learn we don't need much, there is always good to be found, that taking a risk is more natural for humans than four white cubicle walls, and mixing in the magic of music... on the road, in a home, on a street corner, in a cafe, under the stars, in scorching sun, sleeping on the roadside, soaked in mud and rain... that there is this life in music, simplicity and those who find their calling truly are living.

There are many lessons to be learned, there are many paths we can go by, there are many choices we can make, and there is only one can give to this world.

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