Wizards Kills Hitler Again

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By PJ Hultstrand

The year was 1977, and Wizards, the animated post-apocalypse movie came out just before the mega-box office hit, Star Wars. Interesting tidbit; this movie had been titled, War Wizards by writer and director, Ralph Bakshi, until George Lucas asked him to change the title because it was too close of resemblance to Star Wars. In exchange for the title change, Ralph Bakshi got Mark Hamill to record a small part at no cost to him.

The movie did very well regardless of the very low budget. Lucky for Mr. Bakshi his movie came out months before Star Wars had or it more than likely would have been buried alive, and not made it's money back, no matter how little the cost had been.

On Friday, May 26th, the Film Bar, a local pop culture hangout in the heart of Phoenix, had a viewing of Wizards, for a one-night engagement. The theater was packed with avid adult fans of all ages. This is where I found out the tidbit I included in this article and where I enjoyed the theater-style viewing of this epic cult film.

I admit going in, that I hadn't see this movie in many years, so had higher expectations for the evening. It is weird to see this one again and that for some reason I'm not quite as comfortable with its Nazi influences, depicting one of the worse time periods in humankind. This movie is rated PG now, but would have been considered R when I was a tween in 1977.

The last dialogue between Wizard Avatar with his twin brother, Wizard Blackwolf, still makes me laugh out loud because of its perfection in writing. I won't spoil it for you if you have not seen this movie yet. Let's just say that we were prepared to view a grand wizard battle, like we had seen in Harry Potter movies, but what we got was a couple of very quotable lines that simplifies the conflict so very, very well. There are scenes in this film you will never forget; I have not in 36 years.

Want to see it without paying for it, you can find it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vgol5_00prc

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