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StarTrekBeyond_poster.jpgMovie Reviewed by Michael Fett

Am back home from seeing Star Trek Beyond. Alot of thoughts crossed my mind after seeing the film. The main thought was Simon Pegg delivered a solid script for which great film can be made from. Minor spoilers ahead.

Kirk delivers a peace offering present from one alien race to another only to find out the offering is a part of a weapon called the Abernoth which has untold powers.

The dilomacy mission fails which leaves Kirk questioning whether or not he is a truly mean to be a Starship captain or be admiral. However Kirk does not have much time to think because an alien arrives claiming her ship is lost in the nebula and she needs th Enterprise's help to find and save her crew.

Kirk agrees to the dangerous mission, but after navigating the dangerous nebula the Enterprise gets ambushed by Krall and his soldiers forced to make an emergency landing on Altamid. The crew some captured by Krall and the rest all stranded in different spots across Altamid have to work together to stop Krall from getting his hands on the Abernoth.

Luckily the crew runs into Jayla the last survivor of her crew that crashed from of Krall's earlier conquers. The fate of the Enterprise and Federation are dependant upon Jayla's skills and whether or not the Enterprise crew can convince to believe in hope and family.

Will the Enterprise win or will Kral succeed? See the film yourself.

The positives - Simon Pegg wrote the script and has given alot of characters a sense of humanity. Pegg infused his humor into the story so at times we get flashes of Shaun of the Dead, Paul, and Hot Fuzz in the film. Action sequences directed by Justin Lin mixed with a musical score from Michael Giacchino that left you feeling at the edge of your seat at times. I love the character Jayla and hope to see much more of her.

The negatives - I am not much of a cameo guy. We all know the original timeline still happened, but we don't need visual cameo reminders like pictures or a brief encounter to remind us. Let the new crew do their thing without being affected in some way by Original Trek. This film borrows alot from Star Trek 2-4 from the original TOS films which is fine, but at times makes scenes very predictable. Only other negative is that the film moves slowly and probably could have been told in 90 minutes.

The film gets a solid 8/10. Losing a point for pacing and not being original enough that makes some scenes predictable. As far as the new crew goes it's a toss up, but I believe the first film is the best, but this film feels the most like TOS because the relationships are there. So I could easily see fans of the original series saying this film is the best.

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