September 2015 Horoscopes

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By John Paul Ried

Virgo the Virgin - If you are starting a new school year, as a teacher, college student, returning student or Virgo.jpgeven K-12 student, now is the time to get organized and enjoy it. Autumn is for contemplative study as the ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle believed. Take a few moments to reflect on what you have accomplished this year and help others around you do the same. Cheering people up is always a fine thing but getting that friend to realize how far they have come is even better. Getting involved with community activities is always good but try not to bite off more than you can chew. Good grades take effort and practice. So focus on getting organized and encouraging those around you to do the same. You may have unexpected help from a friend so be sure to appreciate and thank them.

Libra the Scales - 

It has been a tough year for most Libra’s cosmologically and being hard on yourself now is a mistake. Many people around you look to you for guidance and positive energy to find some yourself and move forward. With your month approaching, it is time to think outside the box and make new efforts with careers, health and perhaps even love life. If you are married, appreciate your spouse more and do something unexpected that they will enjoy. For single Libra’s this is your own fault this month. If you want to meet people, get out there and do so. You may have to spend some money but this is what money is for. That interesting person may actually agree to spend time with you if you ask them. Boldly go in new directions and encourage your friends to have some fun! You might even accidentally have some fun yourself.

Scorpio the Scorpion - The best way to avoid trouble and controversies at work is to stick to your own work. All of the office gossiping and plotting could easily pull you into making a BIG mistake later so play the busy beaver and let others talk among themselves. At home you will experience far more serenity and peace then you might usually expect and find some time to spend with children. Yours or not, friendly children may inspire you with a new idea and you may set an example that will last their lifetimes. If your spouse or lover has made a mistake lately, let them win you over by pampering you a little. Just be sure to forgive them once they make the effort. If you are single or very unhappy with your companion, corner them and communicate your needs and you may find the light bulb going on in their heads at last. You may even get that marriage proposal you have been expecting.

Sagittarius the Centaur Archer - 

Einstein once said, “Weak people revenge, strong people forgive, intelligent people ignore.” If a friend or relative has been trying to provoke you somehow, let them embarrass themselves trying to get your attention and response. Once done you can confront them openly and ask them what is their problem or issue. You may resolve a conflict that has been festering for years or at least win new allies. Your health is excellent and you may want to improve your exercise regimen because of it. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities for your career. Gather as much information as you can before committing yourself and you might end up getting a big sale, donation or business contract that will get you noticed and appreciated by your superiors. If a colleague suddenly wants to help you with a project at work, be sure to ask them why. Remember: Forewarned is Forearmed.

Capricorn the Goat - After all of your travels and excitements last month Capricans, now is the time to settle down and enjoy your family and home life. Cleaning out that attic or basement or painting that bedroom or kitchen would be perfect family tasks for all ages. If you have children, try getting involved with their video games, TV shows and school homework. You might even learn something yourself and connect better with them. Once you are organized, venture out again with your family or friends for some local community adventures. Check out the local Zoo, Renaissance festival, concert or museum. You might even discover the perfect upcoming birthday, holiday, or anniversary gift that might help you avoid or get yourself out of trouble. Take time to look and listen and your relationships will be much more positive and lasting. If you are returning to school or college, take a moment to get organized.  

Aquarius the Water bearer - You are the perfect person to help others reorganize the chaos and mayhem surrounding you. You just need some faith in yourself and whatever higher power you accept. That daunting and formidable task that you have been putting off may not turn out as difficult to complete as you thought. If David and slay Goliath by having faith then so can you. Many friends will be approaching you for your advice so tell them what you truly think so they can consider their options. Your finances have been improving so why not invest in some entertainment that would cater to your spouse or lover. Your thoughtfulness and genuine interest in what they enjoy will be appreciated and you may find unexpected rewards. Take some time at home and plan your upcoming holidays carefully to help you stem any confusion or uncertainty around you. 

Pisces the Fish - It is time to rise up and stand up for yourself Pisces, especially with your lover or spouse. While social harmony is important for you, you have bent over backwards too much. Point out to your partner that any positive relationship should be based on equality and watch them sputter apologies. Your health has been excellent lately so do not slack off your exercise routine. Your friends may also be asking you to referee a dispute but try to remember that the referee is usually targeted after a tough decision. Rely on the few people who love you and do not be afraid to speak your mind. Community activities can be great fun and your energy and decisiveness may tangibly contribute to the success of the project. Now is a great time to get involved with any academic endeavors to raise your salary.

Aries the Ram - All Aries prepare to rejoice! The autumn is a traditional time to focus and get organized so plan a whole day for careful planning. It is always tempting for you to take on too much and this could overwhelm you with Halloween and Thanksgiving approaching. Libras are prancing about happy right now so find a Libra and take them to lunch. Everyone wants to bask in the positive energy you are radiating so remember to have some faith in eventual success. Once you are organized with a reasonable amount of projects, charge ahead to victory. Expect and enjoy a surprising financial windfall from an unexpected source. Your health has been improving so be sure to set some time aside for yourself to relax and have fun. As Mr. Miagi said in the “Karate Kid” movie, “Focus Daniel-san Focus.” Your friends and family will support you as you inspire others towards improving their projects.

Taurus the Bull - 

An old and dear friend may literally surprise you at the door. This will be a happy period of relationship renewal and fulfillment. Your family and friends are eager to involve you in all sorts of projects and community activities so try as many as you can without overwhelming yourself. EVERYONE from children to your eldest relatives and friends will also be asking you for advice and suggestions. Now is the time to sit back on the couch and project the role of wisely sage and councilor. Those who follow your suggestions will be amazed and gratified that they did and you will be even more respected than before. If someone is interested in one of your former lovers, encourage them so you yourself are not distracted. Also try to remember to start saving some extra cash because the holidays are fast approaching.

Gemini the Twins - This is the perfect time to run around at parties, community activities and visit friends for you Gemini’s. You really are the life of the party right now and many people want you in their social circle. While it may be tempting to hole up as a hermit later in September, use your energy while you can. If you are single, you will not be for long because potential lovers are viewing you for the first time. Your gregariousness is infectious so move about and meet people. Once you find someone interesting, ask them to dinner and dance. If you are married with children, play with them and spend as much “quality time,” with your spouse as possible. Whatever may be going on where you work, make every effort NOT to bring office problems home. If you are searching for new jobs and careers, this will be the perfect time to update your resume and schedule some interviews. You are your own worst enemy sometimes so try not to second guess yourself.

Cancer the Crab - 

This is a rough time cosmologically for Cancer’s at the moment because of both Venus and Jupiter moving across your constellation. The chaos and confusion around you is not your fault but you must stay grounded and try to be “the sensible one,” among your friends for once. Conserve your energy and health this month otherwise your immune system will be lower during the colder weather which is always a bad combination. While you may have people pulling you out at 11PM for a night of carousing, simply decline politely and get plenty of sleep. Your spouse or paramour would like nothing better and it is OK to relax and take it easy for once. When dealing with difficult people at work, remember to help out the newly hired colleagues as they do not yet know what you do automatically. Be supportive and helpful with everyone around you and your friends will be there for you when you may need them. Next month will be SO very much better so take it easy now.

Leo the Lion - Your emotional high from last month is continuing now Leos. It may be time now to pull back and get yourself organized financially. You probably overspent on having fun this summer and that is terrific but with the holidays approaching it is time to save some more money. Your relatives and friends all seem to be embarking on new projects such as jobs, school and sporting events so consider joining the pack for once instead of leading it. That crazy pet project you recommended to your boss might be approved now so you may have more responsibility at work suddenly which is all to your benefit. The harder you work to impress your superiors now the more it will pay off later. Perhaps get a new desk and review your computer files for better organization and access.

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