Pokemon Go or Alien Invasion

Posted by phultstrand // July 11, 2016 // in Features //

TheGamePhoto1.jpgWesley Crusher returns to the Enterprise on vacation from the Academy only to discover a mysterious alien game infiltrating and controlling the crew. (from IMDB)

Written by Donald Jacques - Associate Editor

This week we've been hearing a lot about a game called Pokemon "Go". From fake articles Pileup when man stops to catch pikachu. And WHEC channel 10 in Rochester, NY is sharing an LA byline reporting injuries by participants as they look for, and capture their pokemon. There are even those who are suggesting that the game could be a good thing as in the article, they point out that people are meeting "face to face" as they hunt their digital prey. I suppose there's some good in that. But I have to wonder, being an "old man" and all; are there just not enough discoveries to make in the world around us to hold people's interest?Pokemongoaccident.png

First it was radios in cars that distracted drivers, then phone conversations, then texting and driving, and now Pokemon hunting? Sure I'm decrying the whole social media experience, as I sit at a restaurant and see couples whose faces are buried in their phones, devouring more digital words than food. Mind you, I am on my computer daily, checking email, facebook and others a couple times a day. But that is more akin to a farmer walking out to the gate to check the mail, than ignoring most of the goings on in reality to get an info-fix.

I can recall as a teen and pre-teen being glued to the tv in the afternoon for hours, but even then, I got bored with it and went out to play with the other kids. Then there was high school, and college. Granted we didn't have cell phones, and maybe there's a little jealousy in my heart. Though the teen boy in me knows just how often I would be tempted to get photos on the stairway with the camera looking upward.

For every technology we have had the opportunity to embrace, there are good and bad that comes of them. TV brought the world into our homes ... but brought us closer not only to the news, but the violence of war, and crime; Computers were supposed to eliminate paper ... but instead made it worse; Cell phones made it more convenient to communicate ... but by text rather than voice; More recently, Autopilot on cars is already another double-edged sword for us ... and our legislators to deal with.

Pokemon Go ... Hmmm. Another "cool" app for cell phones ... or could it be a sinister alien plot to enslave us all!


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