Local Film Student: Matt Chesin

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By PJ Hultstrand - Managing Editor

On October 17,18, and 19th, WOD Media had hosted their first Horror Film Festival at Squash Blossom Restaurant in Phoenix. While we were showing mainly tried movies like "The Dead Zone" and some new independent films like "American Mary", we had several film makers contact us about running their short horror films at our festival. One such request came from Matt Chesin, a 22-year old Producer and Cinematographer, who is also a senior at Arizona State University in Film & Media Production School of Film, Dance & Theater.

The short film we showed was "The Muse" and this was produced by Matt Chesin, making him responsible for location and creating the production team. Working closely with his assigned director, Brian Kiefline, who is also an ASU student, "The Muse" started filming in 2012. This film was shown at the Phoenix Film Festival, as well as the Jerome Film & Music Festival earlier this year.

"The Muse" is about a young girl down on her luck who lands a new job. Wanting to fit in, she takes a bet with her new co-workers. Locked in a vault, she experiences the mysteries of an old children's hospital. Befriended by a young ghost, they attempt to set her free before being murdered by a vengeful nurse who haunts the premises. The film somewhat reminded me of the short story by Ray Bradbury, "All Summer in a Day". "The Muse" like Bradbury's work had a main character who was put into a small, dark place and forgotten they were there by those who had forced them into that solitary confinement. Check out the official website for the film, www.TheMuseShort.com.

After the showing of his film, I sat down with Matt to talk to him about his aspirations in film and about this film in particular. Matt Chesin is a Scottsdale, Arizona boy who is looking to set out on a career in motion pictures. But first, he is working on live concert production and will be staying in Arizona for awhile before taking on Hollywood. Being a senior in college, he is now working on his thesis in film directing, a short film called "Focus" which is a story about the powers of the camera. This film will have a paranormal bent and his film teacher, Christopher Bradley wrote the script, and an honors college student, Jeff Lynn, created the story concept.

The two of us also talked about the film industry technology changes to digital where Matt went on to say, "it is nice to shoot digital, it is affordable, cost effective and more acceptable." He loves the ability to do instant play backs of choice scenes in order to make sure the shot came out as expected. If they need to reshoot, then doing so can be done immediately, until it comes out the way they want. At a recent Phoenix Film Festival, he had screened another Arizona short film where he won Best Direction.

I asked Matt whether he was going on to technical school after graduating from ASU and he said, "I'm getting my Bachelor's degree now and am not really interested in technical school because I want to get started in my film career". We wish Matt Chesin the best of luck in his career, and are looking forward to the completion of his thesis film, "Focus" when it debuts in May 2014. You can find out more about Matt's college experience and the films he has been involved in on his website, http://mattchesin.com/.

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