Legend City's 50th Anniversary

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LegendCity_Bumper_sticker_1969.jpgWould like to thank Marshall Shore, the Hip Historian for the opening day video of Legend City he was able to resurrect. This was in coordination to the 50th Anniversary of Legend City on June 29th, which in indeed a true legend in Arizona's history. 

By the time I was in Jr. High and old enough to go to Legend City with my friends, the park was in its senior years. I remember asking my parents for ten dollars for the day, which included the $3.00 admission. At that time, they couldn't see why it costs so much, which is really laughable now, compared to the cost of admission for Disneyland Parks now days. After not snagging the money from the parents, my friends and I held a car wash for the benefit of working towards our expenses to go to Legend City for the day.

We were successful, of course, with six of us getting making the money needed and I will always remember that experience. While it was not the first time, nor the last, it was the first time I was allowed to go with my friends without parental supervision.

Legend City will always mean something more symbolic to me other then just a great time at a legendary theme park, it will always be the end of childhood innocence and the first time I found the means to do something I really wanted to do. True freedom for any budding teenager.

There is now a website for those Arizonan's, who like me, want to remember those grand times when a day at Legend City was a highlight of our summers. I hope you guys enjoy the website, the pictures, and video helps you remember those times as well.

Enjoy!  http://www.legend-city.com/welcome/


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