Interview with Sara Galbraith

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Series of interviews with Women in the Comic Con Industry

I have had the privilege to begin interviewing in 2015 a series of women who are in the Comic Con industry on various levels. We start out this issue with a couple, as they show us their goods, and strut their aspirations.

It's More Than a Great Ass...It's Talent


With Song River

My Faerietale's Owner, Sara Galbraith, shares her business passion in the realm of Pop-culture.

Glue guns, sequins, markers, and little blonde ambition are the combination that mix a Tardis, a Sleuth and a little stardust... My Faerietale owner, Sara Galbraith, is having a blast!

Song: Sara where did you love for creating come from, and what are some of the things you used to find yourself making when you were younger?

Sara Galbraith: I always wanted to be creative, but couldn't really find my niche until I found Comic Conventions. I drew a little, I painted a little, I made jewelry a little, but until I had a reason for making things I would just do a little and let it fall by the wayside when ever life got busy.

I would try anything that I saw other people doing. My parents did theater so I tried that, I had friends who drew and painted and sculpted so I tried that. I tried lots of things which kind of makes sense when you look at what I make. It is a combination of many things.

I am just as passionate about their fan-doms as they are
and that is important.”- Sara Galbraith

Song: At the comic con events they of course of comic illustrators/writers, how would you categorize what you do? And how would describe how you fit in?

Sara: I am not really sure why or how I fit into Comic Conventions, except that I do somehow. I don't play video games and I rarely read comic books, but I am very passionate about what I love.  I love television and movies. I love falling in love with characters and letting myself into their world. So the things I make are very character based. They are based on shows and movies that I love, but more on the characters that I love within them.

I think I fit in because people see how much I truly love what I sell. I don't make anything about things that I don't adore. So everyone that comes to my table knows that I am just as passionate about their fan-doms as they are and that is important. We build a bond through talking that is why I love conventions so much. It is also why I won't make things just because they happen to be popular unless it is something that I am invested in myself.

Song: When did you decide that you wanted to take your creations and enter the realm of comic cons?

Sara: I have always loved making things, but I needed a reason to make them. I had been thinking about comic cons as a venue for a while knowing that it would be a good fit , but I didn't know how to go about doing it. I met someone who had just done her first convention and we started talking. Working with someone else gave me the courage and information that I needed to keep going. I shared a table for 2 shows and then said, “Thank you” and went on my own.  I have done 9 conventions just in 2014 alone. I have truly found my niche and I love it.

Song: Do you also sell online, or at other types of events?

Sara: I am exclusive to Conventions. I do not sell online and I don't do commissions. My motto is, “I make what I like and I hope you like it too.” I really stick by that. I get suggestions and ideas from other people all the time, but unless it works with the fan-doms that I love and things I want to make, I don't tend to take them.

Song: What parts of pop-culture have influenced your creating?

Sara:  I love sci-fi and fantasy movies and television shows. I like the ones where real people and real emotions are part of the fantasy world. I'm not really into the 'tech side' I am more about the feelings it brings. I love Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Stardust, Labyrinth, Never Ending Story, Ladyhawke, etc.

Song:   What are some of your favorite pieces of art to create?

Sara: My Favorite things to make are my clocks. They are the perfect size for a little canvas, plus the added cool of it being more than something pretty on the wall. I hand do each one, and they are all unique. Some might be similar, but I never duplicate exact.

I don't sell anything that is simply a print and not altered in some way. I consider myself a crafter not an artist, so everything I make is built in some way.

Song: Where can your fans find you in 2015?

Sara: I hope to get to where I am doing 12 cons a year. For the next few years I  will be based in the southwest, but after that I plan to travel the country exploring and working conventions.

So far in 2015 I will be at Amazing Arizona Comic Con in February, Long Beach Comic Expo in March, Wizard World Las Vegas in April, and Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in June. I have plans for others, but I don't announce them till they are paid and set.

Song: How can your fans interact with you, and keep track of where you will be showing next?

Sara: My facebook is My Faerietale and once you have Liked my page you can keep track of where i am going and when. I only sell at conventions, so it is important that I keep my page up to date.  

Song: Pick any pop-culture 'star' you would like to meet, who would it be?

Sara: The last question of "who do I want to meet?" I don't really like meeting celebrities. I fall in love with the characters and I don't want to know who they are in real life. Maybe Paul McGann just to say thank you for introducing me to Doctor Who.


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