Hero Initiative Wake Up and Draw 2014

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Like Atlas... Jack Kirby carries the whole of the comic world upon his still broad, strong shoulders.

By Song River

With grit, determination, a pencil, a pen, and square set jawline of comic book characters we all know and love.

August 28th, has become the noted date to celebrate the birthday of Jack Kirby- the Godfather for many of our comic book characters and our edge of the seat popcorn gathering movies of today. In honor of his contributions, today has been deemed, “Wake Up and Draw” day. Across the graphite smudged edifices, the desert pinkie eraser sands, over colored marker marshes, and across oceans of WIP lands, our beloved comic book industry's many illustrators gather to draw their passions onto paper to sell at auction to raise funds for Hero Initiative.

Hero Initiative is a foundation that began in late 2000, as a gathering of comic publishers decided it was time to design a financial safety net for comic creators. In March of 2001, with the federal governments approval, the publicly supported not for profit corporation began, since its inception it has granted over 700,000 to over 50 comic book veterans (http://www.heroinitiative.org/spage.asp?p=69&ti=What+We+Do).


Today, on August 28th 2014, at the Samurai Comics location on Camelback, a gathering much like those happening across America's comic illustrators land, took place as comic book artist Benjamin Glendenning and Edward Harris, along with logistics guru Ryan Cleveland and numerous artists: Eric Mengel, Jeff Pina, Damon Begay, John Derek West, Ruben Rosas, Tony Parker, Ryan Cody, Brian Pulido and numerous others gave of their talents, and time today. Their works of art will be available for auction sometime in October (announcements will be forthcoming on Hero Initiative website and among participating artist via facebook).

Thank you Jack Kirby and your family, thank you's to all those who participate, and give just a little more to do huge things for others.

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