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 By Cara NicoleAlfred2_WEB.jpg

This month I have Hi-Jacked Alfred’s column to share with you the REAL story of a self-employed artist. First of all, contrary to what some people say, he is NOT unemployed. Far from it. He works harder and more often than anyone with a “typical” day job. As most of you know, Alfred Trujillo is a comic book artist. He draws. And draws, and draws, and draws.  He draws in the car on the way to the store, at the coffee shop, restaurants, events, and conventions. He is drawing RIGHT NOW. He draws covers for comic books, interiors for all sorts of books, advertisements, pets, families, logos, and so on and so forth.  And when he isn’t drawing, he’s drawing. OK fine, he does some other things too. But now that we have established that he draws, I can tell you about some of the other things he does as a professional in the comic book industry.

Running your own business is 3 full time jobs plus some part time jobs. Networking is very important. Without actively communicating to industry pros and fans he wouldn’t have things to draw or people to draw for. He spends countless hours emailing with clients. This is important. No clients, no commissions. So remember that if you or a loved one is in this field.



Alfred also has to keep up with advertising. This is done through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. He also has to keep his Deviant Art, website, and online store current. And just to go above and beyond, he isn’t afraid to try new things. Alfred recently starred in a few episodes for Project Superwoman. Look for these next spring.

He has also done photography and modeling. His shiny head dons the variant cover for Vigilante Project #3 (coming soon). He can also be seen in Dungeons and Dragons magazine drawn by Mark Winters. Let us not forget the graphic design work he does periodically. Recently he has taken up watercolor painting. This is in addition to the digital colors he frequently does. As you know from his regular column here in The WOD, Alfred is a writer. He created his own series Project: Shadows that he writes AND draws.

Conventions! We can’t forget about conventions! As the popularity of comics rise, so do the conventions he frequents. Anyone that wants to make it in this business these days has to go to cons. These can last from 1-5 days and there is a convention somewhere on any given weekend. Contrary to what you might think, these are not easy. Ordering merchandise, packing, organizing, display set up, travel, even getting into a show in the first place! So very much to do. DadRocks_WEB.jpg

These just some of the many, many, many things Alfred does. These are just some of the things one can expect to do as a comic book artist. You don’t have to do ALL of these things, but you will probably need to do some of them in order to make it. 

He accomplishes all of this while raising his children, and none of this Disneyland Dad stuff. He actively participates in his boys’ lives as much as possible. From homework to haircuts, play grounds to pajamas, Alfred is with his kids every step of the way. He even has a print that he made with his son. It sells quite well. Fighting for father’s rights is also on his agenda. This is a subject near and dear to him and he works diligently to help other fathers in his own position to protect and care for their own children.

Let’s not forget his band. Alfred is an amazing song writer and guitarist, but with such a hectic schedule he’s had to limit his musical talents to occasional charity events and playing guitar for his kids. And last, but not least, keeping a clean shave on his head.


As his wife, I get the luxury of having him with me pretty much ALL the time. This works for me. As sexy as he is, I feel privileged to spend as much time with him as possible.

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