Earthquake Shakes up Arizona Wildlife

Posted by phultstrand // June 29, 2014 // in Features //

On the Spot Special Report :

5.2 Earthquake Shakes up the Wildlife in Arizona and New Mexico at approximately 10pm this evening. We had a reporter out in the stinking desert to follow up on this report. 

Mr. Jackrabbit - did you feel the earthquake?


We were interrupted by a Mr. Prairie Dog who had this statement:


Then his cousin came out of his hole and added:


Thank you, Mr. ... Dogs. Over here are a couple of Warthogs who seem to want to say something. Did either of you feel or see anything tonight?


Okay, never mind. A desert rat just came up and wants to issue a statement.


Not sure what made that happen. So, let's move on to the cats in the desert to get their statements. Mrs. Cougar, what do you have to say about the earthquake?


Well, maybe your husband could give us a statement.


Wow - well, maybe we will have better luck with Mr. Bobcat - 


Probably a good thing. There are a couple of ground squirrels over here, let's see how badly they are shaken up by this 5.2 magnitude earthquake.


Okay - maybe you two should find somewhere private to talk that over.

The animals were not the only ones affected by this earthquake. We got a statement from the officials in southern Arizona who sent this to us. 


And that is all we have on the 5.2 magnitude earthquake 
This has been a WOD Special Report, now we return you to your regular mayhem.

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