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Good Morning! It's always morning.

As I stand behind a confiscated table, temporarily abandoned by its procurer, a young wide-eyed man stares incessantly at me. Fine. Not me, just my chest. This is not an uncommon practice for fanboys, just as it is not uncommon for me to swipe lonely convention tables. Eventually he opens his fool mouth and out comes some dumbassery any good momma would be ashamed of. That's guessed it: "Nice tits". When I enquired as to what provoked him to be so blunt he simply shrugged and said, "Well, you're wearing it."

Has our online anonymity seeped so far into human interaction that we feel that these statements are acceptable? Where are your manners people? I shake my head in shame, not for the scandalous garb in which I present myself, but for the lack of integrity and competency of our society. It is not uncommon for con goers to ask if my breasts are "real". To which I politely lecture "what is real?" So that, dear readers, is today's question.

What Is Real?

Is a multitude of bra padding stacked like pancakes under natural breast tissue until it oozes out the top of a costume real? Is hair dye real? What about fake nails? Wigs? Hair extensions? Makeup? Rhinoplasty? Botox? What about using that profile picture from 10 years and 40 pounds ago? Most of the food we eat is genetically modified or chemically preserved or homogenized or pasteurized processed food product! What about epidurals, C-Sections, in vitro fertilization, sperm donation, surrogate mothers? Are those infants not "real"? If it's Photoshopped it never happened, right?

This, my friends, is why I live in the land of make believe. A world of cosplay and comic books. A magical place where I can be a mass murderer, superhero, princess, or even one of those gawd awful ponies. I tell my stories in my writing and my wardrobe.

I am Cara Nicole/ Az Powergirl


AZ Powergirl is a cosplay/model/actress/comic creator and character designer in the Phoenix area. She has had starring roles in film and has been involved in the comic industry and the pop culture community doing 16 conventions last year. She has worked as a spokesperson for Marvel and Big City Comics Studio in addition to supporting local charity events and organizing and promoting for conventions. AZPG is a part of 183 Degree Studio and is publishing her own books showcasing her adventures in cosplay and her comic book stories.

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