Cosplay Corner with Cara Nicole - September

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Yeah, you read that right. And maybe it's true. Cosplay is grown people building and wearing costumes based on comics, video games, movies, TV, and any other pop culture outlet you can think of. Nerds of every caliber conversing and collaborating about what to build next. Spending countless hours and excessive dollars in order to recreate a perfectly cannon costume. For those of you that don't know, cannon means accurate. A perfect reproduction of the original. This could be based on art or a theatrical rendition of a character. Sometimes costumes are based on the ideas of the cosplayer themselves. Why can't we take our own creative license?

Why do we do this? Many reasons. Some do it for the fandom others for fame. Many choose to use their geekdom to benefit their communities. From charity work to conventions (and now thanks to the internet) cosplay has gone global. I know that in my own daily life, I spend more time in costume than in my civies. Young and old, cosplay is for EVERYONE! I have met elderly fans dressing up as everything from borg to DC's Penguin to the Queen of Hearts complete with plastic flamingos attached to her rascal. Cosplay charity groups are on the rise similar to the 501st , you've seen them I'm sure. Those guys and gals all dressed as Storm Troopers from Star Wars (those suits are legit). Aaron Forrester and Liam Stillman started a group called the Arizona Avengers that has gone nationwide. DC has their own Justice League Arizona that is on its way as well. Groups like these are popping up like Starbucks all over the place. The charity work they do puts smiles on the faces of children young and old. I'm sure Dad gets a cheap thrill from a pic with Powergirl or Wonder Woman too.

How do we cosplay? For some it simply means purchasing a costume from a local party store, website, or big box store Halloween special. Others build their supersuits from random components such as storage totes, yoga mats, and garage debris. The hardcore cosplayer will invest in expensive materials like Warbla, Pepakura, Wonderflex, and PVC. For many enthusiasts the convention floor is their venue of choice. Showing off their hard work to their peers is enough fulfillment to justify the expense and effort of their costume. Charity work is another outlet that allows cosplayers to share their craft while giving back. But with shows like SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay emerging, this once lowly and neglected art form has gone mainstream.

Who should cosplay? You, me, and everybody. What was formerly a once a year Halloween tradition is now a daily trend. With educational tutorials online and convention workshops readily available, cosplay is for all of us. Say it with me friends "Once you go cosplay, it will NEVER go away!'.

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