BREAKING NEWS: Glynis Oliver March doing special signing

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News story provided by Michael Fett

Doug Peters locked up an exclusive private signing with Glynis Oliver-Marsh aka Glynis Wein. This is Glynis's first CGC signing. The chances of her being a guest at a convention in hoping to get her signature is slim to none. I tried for two years to get her to be a convention guest and have been turned down. I believe this may be your only chance to get her signature. I normally don't post signings, but this is a first and maybe last time to get her. She may be best known for providing the colors for Wolverine's first appearance and her long time collaboration with writer Chris Claremont.

At least three of the X-Men universe movies are based on story lines she worked on X2, The Wolverine, and X-Men Days of Future Past.

Follow this link here for more info:


Her Bibliography

Some important issues she worked on can be found in the images I provided here. That does not even scratch the surface.


 More about this signing on Doug's website:

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