August 2015 Horoscopes

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Leo the Lion - Yes Indeed Leo - August is your month to prance about and strut your stuff! The entire cosmos with the summer sky is now firmly in Leo's constellation and stepping forward is perfectly natural for you. All of your family, friends and coworkers will take their tone from your attitude so I would suggest being positive. With the perfect summer weather, now would be an excellent time to enjoy that annual vacation with your spouse and children. If you are unmarried, fear not, several friends already have designs on you either directly or to fix you up with someone else. As a natural leader, you thrive on logical plans for fulfilling goals and this month will offer you practical opportunities with your career. That crazy idea you have had for some time now might not be so crazy after all so present it to your supervisor.

Virgo the Virgin - Your relationships with family, friends and coworkers are always important for you so keep your eyes and ears open. An opportunity missed is an opportunity lost. It is so easy to get preoccupied with your daily tasks that you may have the perfect solution for someone else's problem staring you in your face but you have to pause your regular routines to see it. If you have children, it is important to be patient and flexible as summer fun often turns into mishaps and misadventures. Sort carefully what you hear others chatting or gossiping about so you can pick the right side in office disputes and take advantage of someone else's mistakes. LISTEN to everything around you and figure out the best methods or actions for your own advancement. You deserve it.

Libra the Scales - You must not let previous mistakes or quarrels disturb your harmony this month Libras. The future looks bright and promising, especially for career moves. You may get an unexpected phone call from an old friend that you had a falling out with years ago. Try to be understanding, patient and offer forgiveness easily and you yourself may be forgiven. Try not to over analyze or second guess your actions as previous choices can become regrets that may overwhelm you. Do not indulge with self pity or hesitation. It is time for boldness and decisive action. The best play may not necessarily be the smart play and sometimes you have to take a chance with fate. Remember to have faith in yourself, family, friends and that leap of faith you take may land you better than you expected with your career, relationships and finances. Move forward and not lateral. If you are unhappy with your current jobs, then change them.

Scorpio the Scorpion - Intentionally or not, you have been a bit of a hermit lately. Have you ever bothered to explore community activities, restaurants and interesting sites just around your residence? You may find unusual fun for both you and your lover or spouse. Once you are out of your comfort zone you may discover and grow new talents. Try some dancing, karaoke or other activities that put you in the spotlight. Your health is excellent and you should push your limits a little. Be careful about what you say as some who might be jealous of your new outlook take something you said out of context for their benefit. Meanwhile enjoy the fresh perspectives and spend more time with people. If you have children, they will be thrilled to tag along with you and make new friends. The phrase for you this month is "get involved!"

Sagittarius the Centaur Archer - Cosmic forces in the heavens are granting you unusual persuasion powers this month Archers! Your voice has new panache and what might have been impossible now becomes very easy. If you want to rally friends, coworkers, or fellow church members for a cause that you believe in strongly, now is the time to start. Your gifted silver tongue this month might even save the day for other people who will remember and appreciate your efforts. If you are single, you will not be for long this month. Whatever social awkwardness you usually project will melt away and you will magically know the right phrases and discussion to charm everyone around you. Many people at work may come to you for advice and suggestions on how to resolve issues so remember to think long term. This month is also perfect for you to redress past relationship blunders with friends or family.

Capricorn the Goat - It is summertime and no one cosmically deserves a break more than you. Let's go on that yearly vacation and bring your spouse and children along your travels. Europe is an exciting place right now to visit. England, France, Germany or Italy are amazing places for history, food and fun. Your finances have been steady and this is the moment to indulge your souvenir shopping as you explore and travel. While it may be cheaper to stay in youth hostels you will have much more fun in hotels and resorts. If you are attending a wedding or reunion soon, you will find the perfect gifts to please the most obstinate people. Summertime is here so find a beach and enjoy the sun. You and your family may remember these travels positively for the rest of your lives. Enjoy and relax.

Aquarius the Water bearer - The astrological patterns in the nebulas reflect tremendous changes for you Aquarius. You may be offered a career shifting opportunity and you should consider it seriously. The dull routine you have been swimming in will suddenly change into exciting and interesting challenges. Embrace the moment and go with the flow. While you may not be directly involved, your friends and relations may be arguing over disputes and disagreements. Try to avoid being sucked in and recruited as the first person to speak with you may not be right. If you are married, keep your ears open and gather as much information as you can. A sudden invitation to go to a party or reception might thrill your spouse and give them the chance to share what is on their mind with you. Communication is key and listening with empathy now will save you heartache later.

Pisces the Fish - Nothing wrong with celebrating summer with the Leo's this month but try not to get carried away. There seem to be many different cosmic forces pulling you in many directions and going with the flow will confuse you. Take a moment to reflect and consider the ramifications of impulsive actions and you may just stop a friend or relative from acting very stupidly. Once the air clears, your friend, lover or relative will be very grateful and be there whenever you need them. While partying with friends is always fun, think carefully before you follow them over a cliff. Your career is thriving and your contributions at work will not be forgotten. Just try to stay out of the politics and powerplays for now. Sometime this month, tackle a home project with your roommates or family and the results will be fabulous.

Aries the Ram - All of your hard work lately is about to pay off in life changing ways. One of the projects you have been directing will suddenly receive positive press and everyone around you will be watching. The tasks you complete this month will give you more financial security than you can imagine and someone close to you will give you the information you need. Your lover, spouse or a close friend may need some extra attention but your faithful support now will solidify your relationships. Be selective with accepting new projects as you tend to take on too much. Focus on what you have in front of you and everyone around you will benefit. Better changes are on the horizon and your guidance and talents will be highlighted and promoted. Just do not let the fame and fortune go to your head too quickly.

Taurus the Bull - You may find you have a career dilemma at the office. A personnel dispute may have others fuming and you will have to choose sides very carefully. Stick with the devils you know and do not give into any desire to make a scene. Your love life however could not be better right now as it seems to be Valentine's Day for you this month. If you are single, your magnetic appeal is wreaking havoc with potential paramours and all you have to do is choose the one you want. All the exercising you have been doing is about to pay off when you wear swimsuits. A romantic getaway with your spouse may even create children if that is your goal. Watch your health though and be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration as it is going to be a hot summer. While travelling vast distances is always appealing, stay local and have some fun.

Gemini the Twins - Your friends and relationships are highlighted this month Gemini's. Many people will be turning to you for advice, guidance and otherwise ask fateful questions like 'If you were me, what would you do?' Be proactive and suggest positive actions. It is easy to cop out and counsel patience but sometimes it is important to convince your friends to act on their feelings or interests. Love advice is always the hardest to give but remind your questioning friend that the worst that can happen is nothing. Better to ask and be turned down then not ask and wonder what might have been later. Matchmaking is usually a dangerous game but you have a remarkable ability to clearly see what is possible. Share this with your friends especially if you yourself are single. If married, your spouse may also enjoy helping you match make with those you care about.

Cancer the Crab - One of the best things about summer is that travelling is always fun! July was a blast and August can be just as satisfying. Perhaps it might be better to bring the fun to you. Consider hosting a barbeque, pool or beach party. Many friends especially Leo's and Archer's will come ready to play. If you have many relatives, a family reunion may bring surprisingly positive results. Has a sibling or a cousin been hiding information about an impending marriage or pregnancy? Your social affair may turn out unusually special with announcements and surprises. Do some shopping at a sports or toy store and you may find the perfect summer activities for any outdoor party such as volleyball, frisbee or even crochet. Offer something new and unusual at your shindig and you will be highly sought after.

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