Aliens, Angels or Ancestors

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By Michael D'Ambrosio

Usually I write articles about conventions and items of interest in the fields of film and literature, but I thought I'd change it up with something different to stimulate some thoughts and opinions.

Lately, there's been a recent spate of UFO sightings, particularly in the U.S. Many people believe that these frequent appearances historically occur before a significant negative event. Now, I'm not a UFO fanatic and I don't know if I believe in them or not, but some of the evidence lately is pretty interesting. We've all heard the 'lights in the sky' reports and people who claim to have been abducted. There's even been an Area 51 who, on his deathbed, revealed that eighteen aliens with ages over two-hundred and fifty years are working with government scientists and engineers on advanced technology at the secretive base. These new reports led me to consider a number of important questions if ... and I say if, any of these stories are true.

First of all, why would these beings have any interest in our civilization? Then, I had to consider, are they distant relatives of the human race, predators, or even religious icons. Throughout history, advanced math formulae and engineering technologies have appeared mysteriously. Perhaps this is a little help from our friends. When the world approaches overpopulation, events have occurred to thin the numbers. In those events, people tend to disappear without a trace. So, are we being bred by predators? Passages of the bible often refer to the Holy Spirit and angels appearing from a ball of light. Could these beings be part of something biblical?

Most people would ask, "Why haven't they contacted us?" I wonder how an oxygen-breathing alien being could survive on our planet with the various bacteria and diseases that are prevalent on the Earth. If we could meet them and travel to their world, what guarantee is there that we could survive on theirs with their unique bacteria and germs? If these beings are real, then that might be the inhibiting factor to our encounter with them. Perhaps, they already have come and the Area 51 story is true.

As a science-fiction writer, I've always wondered if travel outside the gravitational forces of the Solar System would have an effect on aging of the human body. I believe there is always some force, perhaps micro-gravity, but what if our bodies stopped aging when we're free of the natural gravity of the Solar System? What if we actually became rejuvenated and younger over time away from our home system? This raises questions about the time-space relationship and how it could work for long distance travel.

Then, one could consider the time-distance relationship and how could beings from a far away planet arrive here, healthy and not terribly aged? Even with worm-hole travel or portals, how long do they travel to get here? Maybe it's a one way trip for them. Maybe, as the dying scientist claimed, they are over two-hundred and fifty years old and working here at Area 51. After the supposed Roswell incident many years ago, the Aurora Project was created and futuristic air/spacecraft were possibly reverse-engineered from the saucer that crashed in Ohio. The Aurora aircraft was so far ahead of its time that our pilots couldn't operate it at its normal parameters. While much of this was speculation, I can say that there was an Aurora Project with this type of craft that exhibited problems for pilots. It was supposedly discontinued but then rumors surfaced that it was alive and well in 1987, funded through black project money in the government budget. That doesn't prove that the air/spacecraft was derived from alien technology but the government has gone through great pains to hide the Aurora's existence.

So, what does alien existence, if proven, do to our beliefs, both religious and scientific? What would alien perception be of the human race since we'd obviously be inferior to them, at least technologically? They'd probably find us entertaining like mice in a Habitrail, bickering and fighting over simple and ridiculous things instead of acting like the sophisticated species we were intended to be on the planet Earth. There's a lot to think about before we get our first interview with an alien from another world. Perhaps one day, we'll know for sure. Thanks for joining me.

Mike D'Ambrosio

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