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Where am I now?

I never know anymore. At this point the cities all run together. All I can do is hope that I didn't forget something...again.

I remember the time I forgot to bring my clothes to the con. That's right, all of them. I had my costumes and that's all that really matters. Fortunately, I had some good fans buy me some underwear and bring me shirts and pants. I felt like I was in that music video Thrift Shop. But I was grateful. I am fortunate to have such generous and caring people in my world.

Or there was that time I forgot my double-sided tape; otherwise known as boob tape. Without it my nipples keep popping out of my costume. As I frantically text EVERY cosplay girl I know, even with most of the Cosplay Calendar girls in attendance, the only lead to my tape deficiency was Kip Mussat. He's an artist! Why is he the only person at the show with two-sided tape? It all worked out and I, yet again, save myself from what is referred to in this circle as a "Cara Nicole Moment".

And then there are the days when I wear Jennifer from my comic book Project: Shadows and don't have time to get the two hour tattoo drawn on my arm. So what do I do? I wear the jacket that goes along with the suit. Problem solved.

So far, so good. It's now Saturday. Saturday is ALWAYS Powergirl day. As I dig through my bags and suit up I soon guessed cape is missing. And what is attached to my cape? My disk and chain. What's a Powergirl to do? I could go capeless and say I'm Galetea. HELL NO! She has white boots, a smaller window, and white gloves. Am I just being picky? Maybe I should just wear Jill Valentine and then wear the spare costume from my creator-owned comic, Polly Gunn. Or...let's see... I have gold paper, if there is a vendor with a button press I can buy a cape at cost from my friend that sells Superman memorabilia (Powergirl is in the Superman family so the shield on the back is kosher), do the double disk suit that doesn't have a chain, and ditch the belt! Still a cannon PG costume! I'm all good. Except, no good, I can't find a button press. But wait, I find a necklace at the bottom of my bag. I can remove my pendant and hmmmm....well what do you know, I have a Project: Shadows button. It's mostly gold and advertises my comic book. PERFECT!!

Cosplay isn't without its problems. When you have a table at a convention, product to sell, panels to present, and autographs to sign, guess what? You better be there. Like the time I broke my toe a few days before a con. The full-time high heels weren't going to cut it. So I thought hard and did an inventory of my costumes and characters and put together a Powergirl from the issue number one re-release from 1992. I got loads of comments and made people think and ask questions. I created an opportunity to educate fans about my character and show that I know my stuff. On another occasion I wore my Superman shirt with the negative space cut out. That became my best selling print. And it's not just about me. At one show my good friend forgot her Black Cat mask. So what did I do? I sat her down, pulled out my makeup and painted one on her. Remember, good friends don't let friends do bad cosplay.

As I pack for each show, I reflect on these times. I do my best to remember everything I need. Con life isn't without its ups and downs. At the end of the day, there is nothing that good friends, amazing fans, and duct tape can't fix.

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