The Apocalypse Girls have Arrived

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Every two weeks, the Apocalypse Girls will bring you a new episode of State of the Multiverse.State of The Multiverse is an in depth round table discussion of pop culture topics as seen through the prism of a female perspective. Special guests show up to add their expert viewpoints and opinions on the week’s topic.  

More than just “angry nerd rants” and “tell me what inspires you” interview questions, State of The Multiverse goes deeper to find meaningful insight into geek culture and those that shape our Multiverse.

This week we take a look at our Geek Culture and tackle the topics: Do Real Nerds Still Exist?, Geek Cred, Geek Life, and Geek Hierarchy.

The Girls include Ariana Morgan, Cira Corellia, Sable Switch, and Samantha Crush.

Check out the four segments on the New Mutiny Media’s channel on YouTube at:

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