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ACROSS PLUS - So you live in North Phoenix and are interested in anime? Well there is a club out there available for you people. Across Plus is a social club that discuses anime, video games, manga, other animation, and the Japanese culture. We meet at Bookman's on 19th Ave and Northern on Sundays at 7:00pm until 9:00pm. In general, we explore anime, manga, and other styles of animation, creative educative demonstrations, participate in interactive discussions, attend local Arizona conventions, and make cosplay. We are willing to gain any new members out there who are interested. Our members are very friendly, respectful, and fun. We welcome any and all. For more information, contact Todd Miles at

ADRIAN EMPIRE - A medieval and renaissance recreationist club. Sword-fighting, arts, banquets, masquerades, dances. meets 3rd Saturday 10am at El Oso Park. Web: All are welcome. Free.

AERIAL MIRAGE JUGGLERS - Meet Wednesday, 7:30-10 PM. Encanto Park, 14th Avenue, south of Encanto. Elliot Goldstein, 602-266-4391, e-mail, 5535 N. Eleventh Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014; or Timmie Ann Schramm, 602-585-7623, 2326 E. Electra Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85024.

ARIZONA BROWNCOATS - are a social group and state non-profit devoted to continuing the spirit of Joss Whedon's inspired series Firefly through charity events, a presence at local conventions, and social events. We are all over Arizona with monthly shindigs in Phoenix and Tucson. In September, both cities will be hosting screenings of Serenity to benefit Equality Now. For more details, visit our website at and follow our twitter @azbrowncoats.

ARIZONA LANBASHERS LEAGUE - A collaboration of computer gaming enthusiasts, the Arizona LANbashers League throws quarterly LANparty events. Between parties, support is given to local groups who wish to advertise their own gatherings. We have no set genre of games and play anything from strategy games to first-person shooters to driving/flying simulations. No annual membership is required and admission to an event ranges from $5-$15. See our webpage for current events. Web:

ARIZONA PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS - We are a highly trained, non-profit paranormal investigation group, registered with the state of Arizona, providing service to Arizona and the Southwest since 1994. Having served the public for 12 years, we are one of the oldest, most respected paranormal investigation groups in Arizona. We are primarily science based and don't go on an investigation looking for ghosts, we go looking for answers. There is never a charge for an investigation. Contact us at by e-mail at or visit our website at:

AZCorsairs - "Founded in 1971 as a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronisms, or SCA, our primary focus is 16th - 18th century European culture and the pirate lifestyle of the time. The Corsairs will extend pirate portrayals as far back as Phoenician, Roman Era or to future Space, Science Fiction genre, and more publicly recognizable Hollywood styled pirate. Corsair membership is largely volunteeroriented, gathered together for fun and while helping others out.

Members of the Arizona Corsairs are, much like their historical counterparts, masters of their own destiny. Creation of characters, complete with backstory with correlation to history, period costume, and emulation of pirate traditions and arts, rests on each performer, creating varied storylines and deep, interesting characters.

For more information, please contact Captaim Max - Ambassador, AZCorsairs 602-799-6184.

AZ MIB - The Men in Black is the official global organization of field operatives for Steve Jackson Games. The Arizona Cell attends local and regional conventions to demonstrate and promote products of Steve Jackson Games. We also schedule demos in local gaming stores as well as community service events. If you have a gaming store, convention, or community service that you would like to have official Steve Jackson Games representation at, please contact the MIB Arizona Cell Leader at MIB.6361@gmail. com . We are also recruiting new MIBs in some areas of Arizona. If you're interested, contact us. You can also find additional information about us on our Facebook group, Arizona Men in Black.

BASFA - Local Tucson science fiction group that puts on TusCon. Contact us at PO Box 2528, Tucson AZ 85702-2528 or our website at

CENTRAL ARIZONA SPECULATIVE FICTION SOCIETY, INC. (CASFS) - The non-profit corporation that puts on CopperCon conventions, SmurfCons, HexaCons, occasional regional cons, and publishes Con-Notations. Best described as SF/F generalists with a strong bent towards literary SF/F. Guests welcome - meets at 8pm on the last Friday of each month in January thru September and the second Friday in October, November and December at Denny's, 2360 W Northern Ave in Phoenix, AZ. For information: write PO Box 62613, Phoenix, AZ 85082-2613 or email Web

C.R.O.F.T. - Celtic Reenactment of Fellowship and Trades is Phoenix based Reenactment group specializing in the western European renaissance. We research lifestyles and trades concurrent with the Celtic Peoples from 400 BC until 1746 AD. We emphasize Scots, Irish or Welsh crafts and do Celtic re-enactment. We open participation to anyone with an interest in period crafting and entertainment. Demonstrations occur at the Highland Games, Scarborough Fair, and the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Web page Gatherings are held at the Irish Cultural Center on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The center is located at 1106 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85004, phone number 602-258-0109, across from the Burton Barr Library. The Board meeting will be at 12:00 Noon with the General meeting starting at 12:30 pm.

DARK ONES - (Dark-wunz) n. 1) An organization formed for the expression and exploration of various cultural themes including, but not limited to, the Dark Ages and the Renaissance through forms of art including, but not limited to, painting, drawing, writing, photography, spoken word, and acts of characterization. 2) a member of this organization. 3) Information available at

EMPIRE OF CHIVALRY AND STEEL, INC. - The Empire of Chivalry and Steel specializes in the general recreation of the culture of the Middle Ages including all of the Art Forms, Events (Feasts, Tournaments, Ceremonies and Wars) and Combat Arts covering the years of 800AD up to 1650AD and any location within Europe or its explored territories. For more information Web:

GATHERING OF PLAYERS - Find Your Adventure - Our club is running into our sixth year. Join us for games and adventure set in the Dungeons and Dragons realm. We offer Living Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder Society. We welcome both new and experienced players. Visit, to see what we have coming up. If you have any questions email us at

HMS CONDOR - The Royal Manticoran Navy, Glendale, AZ. "The Honor Harrington Fan Association"
Contact: Craig D. Porter,

JEDI KNIGHTS - (Founded 1977) Meetings are the 3rd Sunday of each month. For more information call Carol Alves, Publicity, (760)244-9593 or write Jedi Knights, c/o Carol Alves 8038 "I" Street, Hesperia CA, 92345-7066.

LEPRECON, INC. - One of the two Phoenix area corporations that put on yearly conventions. Best described as SF/F generalists with a main thrust into SF/F art. Guests are welcome. The meetings are quarterly on the second Saturday of February, May, August & November unless otherwise notified. August is the annual meeting where board positions are deter-mined. For more information, write PO Box 26665, Tempe, AZ 85285; call Mike Willmoth, 480-945-6890, Email Webpage:

MVD GHOSTCHASERS - The MVD Ghostchasers are a paranormal team established in 1995. This band of ghost hunters conducts regular investigations of haunted, historical locations throughout Arizona. They also research and investigate "house call" hauntings for the public. The MVD Ghostchasers lead Spirit Photo Workshops/Tours to various haunted locations across Arizona. These workshops give ghost hunters, paranormal team members and folks wanting to learn the art of ghost hunting a chance to work and learn techniques together. The MVD Ghostchasers team are guest speakers at many venues and have appeared on TV news reports and the subject of several newspaper stories. For more information contact: MVD Ghostchasers--Debe Branning, Director--480-969-4049 Web page: or

ORANGE COUNTY SCIENCE FICTION CLUB - meets last Wednesday of every month (except Dec.) in Fullerton. The meetings are built around guest speakers. We've had authors such as Octavia Butler and Greg Benford. Non-members are welcome. For details of current events and location see our website or email

PAReX - is a non profit organization dedicated to building and promoting Autonomous robotics. The club has been in existance since 1998. Meetings are currently conducted twice a month at two different Phoenix, Arizona locations, Club dues are on an annual basis: Regular members $20 Student members $15 Of course visitors are always welcome because we know you will eventually become a member anyway Web page: E-mail Contact:

RAW GAMES - (Role-players & Wargamers, Inc.) Role-players & Wargamers, Inc. is the Valley's oldest role-playing and wargaming club. Currently meeting at 8159 W. Weldon in Phoenix every Sunday from 12noon-5pm (except during conventions and other special events). Open to new members - call (623) 849-9515.

SHIELD - The Shield is a RPGA club located in the greater Phoenix area. If you are interested in Living Greyhawk catch one of our meetings the 1st Sunday of every month at Imperial Outpost Games ( in Glendale. If you are interested in Living Arcanis or Living Spycraft catch us on the 3rd Sunday of every month also at Imperial Outpost Games. The Shield of Almor hosts RPGA events at the local Phoenix conventions. For more information visit us at or you can sign up for games at www.nyrond. org Or you can just stop by the 1st Sunday of the month. Meeting starts at 10am. Hope to see you there.

SOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHRONISM - The Kingdom of Atenveldt is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a not-for-profit educational organization that studies western European history by recreating the "best" pastimes and crafts of the Middle Ages. The Atenveldt branch of the SCA encompasses all of Arizona and small parts of Utah and California. Within the fair kingdom can be found six Baronies: Atenveldt, Mons Tonitrus, Twin Moons, SunDragon, Tir Ysgithr and Ered Sul. For more information on any of these or for general information on contact the Kingdom Seneschal. Email: Web

SOUTHWEST COSTUMER'S GUILD - The Southwest Costumers Guild is a loose organization of persons interested in all facets of historical, cultural, science fiction, fantasy, and humor costume. Members are often seen on stage and behind the scenes at local and regional Science Fiction Convention masquerades. They meet on the last Sunday of each month at various members' homes in the greater Phoenix area. For details. Southwest Costumers Guild, PO Box 39504, Phoenix, AZ 85609 or Randall Whitlock at or

SPACE ACCESS SOCIETY - Space Access Society's sole purpose is to promote radically cheaper access to space, ASAP. We think it's possible within ten years, with a little luck and a lot of hard work. Join us and help us make it happen! SAS membership is $30 for one year, which gets you emailed Space Access Updates the instant they pass final edit, plus discounts on our annual conference on the technology, politics, and business of radically cheaper space transportation, featuring leading players in the field. Email us at: Web page:

SUPERSTITION SPACEMODELING SOCIETY - is Arizona's club for builders of model and high-power rockets and those who love to see them fly. Launches are held on the second Saturday morning of each month in Rainbow Valley. SSS hosts the annual G. Harry Stine Memorial Rocket Launch every October. Visit for membership information, directions to the launches and meetings, and to read the monthly newsletter, "Newton's Minutes."

TARDIS is a Phoenix-based General SF/ Fantasy Fan Club, specializing in International media SF/Fantasy since 1983. TARDIS meets every two weeks at different locations around the valley. Activities include watching videos, discussions, parties, games, and occasional outings with more to come now that Doctor Who is returning from hiatus. Many members maintain an active presence at conventions. You can contact us at 2243 W Wagon Wheel Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85021, Voice Mail at (602) 864-0901, E-mail or visit us at

T.H.E.M. is ASU's science fiction and fantasy club. Weekly meetings are held on the Arizona State University campus, with dates and places to be announced after the semester starts. For more information, Email them@themonline. org Web

UNITED FEDERATION OF PHOENIX - A Phoenix area Star Trek and general SciFi fan club. We are a social club that meets every two weeks at various locations around the Phoenix area. The UFP has been meeting for over 30 years of continuous activity. Dues are $15/per year prorated when you join; no restrictions. Membership includes membership roster and monthly newsletter. Come to any two meetings at no obligation. For information, write the UFP at PO Box 37224, Phoenix, AZ 85069, or call Jim Strait at (602) 242-9203. Web page: or Email to

USS ASTERIA - Starfleet International, North Phoenix, AZ. Contact: Anna the Red,

USS LEONIDAS - The Leonidas is a member of Region IV of STARFLEET International. The chapter is an opportunity for those that share a love of Star Trek to have fun and help the community at the same time. The Leonidas stresses uniforms or other costumes to have the ability to participate actively in various events as they present themselves but they are not required.

Membership with Starfleet International is required. Upon joining STARFLEET a member is a Cadet. Upon passing the Officer's Training School Exam at the Online Academy, the member becomes a Commissioned Officer aboard the Leonidas. The chapter does not have dues as of yet. The dues to be a member of STARFLEET International are $15 a year.

No newsletter, but members do receive an activities E-mail update. No web site yet. Contact : Arthur Fesler-Butts, Jr.

WESTERN SCIENCE FICTION ASSOCIATION - (WesternSFA) A nonprofit corporation that sponsors AniZona, RandomCon, the ConRunners seminars and sponsored the 2004 Westercon. Dedicated primarily to educational activities relating to literature, music, and visual and performing arts, especially in the genres of Anime, science fiction, fantasy, costuming, gaming and science. Applicants for membership in WesternSFA must be sponsored by a current active WesternSFA member. Dues are $10 yearly plus a $5 non-refundable application fee. General Meetings are held on the first Friday of February, May, August and November, check our website for meeting location Guests are welcome. For more info contact Craig Dyer at WesternSFA, PO Box 67457, Phoenix AZ 85082 Email: Webpage: